"8th khayyam international exhibition of photography, 2020"
Today: Sunday 17 Jan 2021
Closing Date : Sunday 08 Nov 2020

Jury of Salon

There are juries from 6 different continents. A group of 5 Juries in each section, as:


Luis FRANKE, EFIAP/d3, MFIAP, GMPSA-b, Argentina (Sections: B C)

Subrata BYSACK, EFIAP/p,GMPSA-p, India (Section: A)

Vicki MORITZ, EFIAP/p, GMPSA, Australia (Sections: C F)

Simone BODDI, EFIAP/P, Italy (Sections: C E)

Mohammadreza MOMENI, EFIAP/b, Iran (Sections: A E)

Philip KWAN, EFIAP, GMPSA-P, Canada (Sections: A B)

Ebrahim BAHRAMI, EFIAP, Iran (Sections: A B D)

Asghar SAMETI, EFIAP, USA (Sections: B C)

Amin DEHGHAN, EFIAP, Iran (Sections: B E)        

Mohammad Reza MASOUMI, AFIAP, Iran P (Sections: C D F)    

Bahram AZIMI, Iran (Sections: D F) 

Kourosh ADIM, Iran (Section: D)

Mohammad Reza CHAIFOROOSH, Iran (Sections: A D F)

Mohsen VALIHI, Iran (Section: F)

Saeid MAHMOUDI AZNAVEH, Iran (Section: E)

Ayman GAMAL, Egypt (Section: E)


Astronomy Awards:            

Jeff DAI, China


Mohammad Taha GHOUCHKANLU, Iran