"8th khayyam international exhibition of photography, 2020"
Today: Wednesday 16 Jun 2021
Closing Date : Sunday 08 Nov 2020
The ceremony was supposed to be held on 18 May, but due to COVID situation we had to cancel it. We are planning to make it online. We will inform you of the news.

Jury of Salon

There are juries from 6 different continents. A group of 5 Juries in each section, as:


Luis FRANKE, EFIAP/d3, MFIAP, GMPSA-b, Argentina (Sections: B C)

Subrata BYSACK, EFIAP/p,GMPSA-p, India (Section: A)

Vicki MORITZ, EFIAP/p, GMPSA, Australia (Sections: C F)

Simone BODDI, EFIAP/P, Italy (Sections: C E)

Mohammadreza MOMENI, EFIAP/b, Iran (Sections: A E)

Philip KWAN, EFIAP, GMPSA-P, Canada (Sections: A B)

Ebrahim BAHRAMI, EFIAP, Iran (Sections: A B D)

Asghar SAMETI, EFIAP, USA (Sections: B C)

Amin DEHGHAN, EFIAP, Iran (Sections: B E)        

Mohammad Reza MASOUMI, AFIAP, Iran P (Sections: C D F)    

Bahram AZIMI, Iran (Sections: D F) 

Kourosh ADIM, Iran (Section: D)

Mohammad Reza CHAIFOROOSH, Iran (Sections: A D F)

Mohsen VALIHI, Iran (Section: F)

Saeid MAHMOUDI AZNAVEH, Iran (Section: E)

Ayman GAMAL, Egypt (Section: E)


Astronomy Awards:            

Jeff DAI, China


Mohammad Taha GHOUCHKANLU, Iran